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This tool was intented for help you to replicate lists structure and data between servers and sites without the problem of being copying the comments, the default values, the options, etc... manually!!!, forgot it!! with this tool you don't have to do anything more that use it.


New release with a new little enhancement for determine what columns are not present in your destination list and making more easy to determine what columns you need to replicate, i don't remember if in the last release i support to replicate existing columns and only updating when those exists on destination, but now i'm sure Mongo supports that at 100%, for your safe i have tested the tool with 2 lists with more than 4000 items and with corrupted metadata in some columns and Mongo replicates them fine and wihout problems in destination list. Enjoy it and please feel free of contact me if you have any problem or need some help, also you can post your question on my Blog

Best Regards.

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